Fairy tales are real

My name is Lory. I'm a 20 year old art student from the Netherlands. I love art, fashion, Gothic, music, lolita and much more..... If you want to see my art and school work you can also follow me at: lorysophie-art.tumblr.com

Ask me anything if you want to know more about me (:

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I’m going to castlefest :D

woehoe I ordered tickets for castlefest! I’m going with my boyfriend and his mom on friday :D so happy!
I’ve never been there.. hope it is just as fun as Elf Fantasy Fair (: 
I just need to think about a costume.. I was thinking about dark mori / forest flower girl uhmm..



Photo by Kai Mueller Photographyhttps://www.facebook.com/KaiMuellerPhotographySynthetic Dreads by IcyDreadshttps://www.facebook.com/pages/IcyDreads/293338224395find me here:http://www.facebook.com/ModelTrizTaesshttp://triztaess.deviantart.com/

Nocturna by Celestial Void
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India ink sketches did not so long ago ~

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Victorian goth  http://victorian-goth.tumblr.com/



The Ravenstag, or Nightmare Stag, from NBC’s exquisite TV series Hannibal.

See more photos at weirdcitytaxidermy.deviantart.com

I may have to make something like this…

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Behooold, my viking bling!  The large and incredibly epic bronze necklace is the newest addition to my shiny, wearable treasures! Taken with (Instagram) Feel free to follow me here as well!I post personal pictures of yours truly, my art, daily life and my ever so epic adventures :)  My username: Tathariel